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Baryn Futa Follows an Artistic Path

April 25, 2018
As a prolific arts patron, Baryn Futa does the best he can because he sincerely believes the arts to be among the most beautiful aspects of life. However, he believes there is more to the arts than just beauty. He recognizes the arts as playing a necessary and defining element of any culture and every society. For those reasons and many others, Baryn has come to the conclusion that art should always be preserved for future generations.

From Baryn Futa’s perspective - and he is not alone - the art of the past has managed to build a bridge to our ancestors in a way nothing else can. That is why he believes it is our responsibility as a society to we preserve as much art as possible for future generations. In addition to old or ancient art that has been preserved through the centuries, we should also preserve as much current artistic expression as possible, for posterity. After all, if art is seen as communication, we should continue the conversation well into the future.